What Is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated Learning (AL) is a comprehensive, innovative, proven methodology that greatly increases our capacity to learn, problem-solve and create.

Facilitating Deep Learning

AL uses a framework based on the brain’s natural learning cycle. It draws on music, storytelling, metaphor and movement to create an interactive, learner-centered environment in which we can easily acquire and retain knowledge.

AL facilitates deep learning and increases the rate of transfer of learning from the classroom to real life. The knowledge we acquire in an AL classroom “sticks,” so there is no need to repeat the same material again and again.

AL enables us to expand our perspective and move beyond limiting beliefs about ourselves and our ability to learn. As a result, we experience a quantum shift in our development, skills and competence.

We also develop a greater overall capacity to learn, adapt and change.

Accelerated Learning

Empowering You to Learn

Most AL training has understandably focused on developing outstanding teachers and trainers.

However, I believe that self-learners can apply many of its principles and techniques to their own learning tasks with great success.

In other words, I believe that you can benefit from AL's wisdom whether your teacher is trained in the methodology or not!

To learn more, please explore the following pages.

AL Wisdom


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