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Learning Style Tests

These learning style tests will help you discover how you learn best.

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Learning Organizations

These learning organizations offer access to some of the most passionate, engaged and creative people in the world, as well as to numerous learning solutions.

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My love affair with Mindmapping

I first encountered Mind mapping many years ago, just after leaving school. I wish I had heard about it earlier though! My first maps were drawn on A3

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Mind Mapping: A Key Technique for Learning

Mind mapping helps you generate ideas, create associations, and open up your capacity to learn and create.

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Try the Borrowed Genius Learning Strategy

Try the Borrowed Genius technique if your creativity is suffering from a dry spell—or you dream of developing a special skill or talent.

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Dissolve Stress with EFT

EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, has a remarkable ability to lower stress or eliminate it altogether. The results for learning, creating and healing are often astounding.

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HeartMath Tools for Coping with Stress

The HeartMath Institute has pioneered research and development in the areas of stress, emotions, learning, and performance improvement for over 17 years.

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Learning and my Brain

I am a bit worried about what is going to happen to my brain as I get older. I wish I had a crystal ball. I really hope that I never get to that point

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Contribute To The Learning Doorway

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Stress and Learning: Effects and Solutions

Stress and learning are an explosive combination. Learn how stress affects your performance and what you can do to manage it.

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