Learning and my Brain

by Paul
(Burlington Vermont)

I am a bit worried about what is going to happen to my brain as I get older. I wish I had a crystal ball. I really hope that I never get to that point where I can't recognize anyone or anything. And I hope that I am dead before I can't read books or learn something new. I just can't imagine what it would be like to pass a day without reading pages from a favorite book.

So I am trying to be proactive now and save my brain. I practice meditation in combination with deep breathing to keep my brain active. All of the literature indicates it's a good way to give my brain's "prefrontal cortex" a good workout. I listen to classical music whenever I am reading or doing my daily crossword puzzle.

I also try to eat a balanced diet, and avoid junk food and drugs. My friends think I'm so boring because I am so strict about what I swallow.

Thinking positively will be my best defense. I can't stop getting older so I might as well go with the flow rather than fighting reality. All I can do is keep the neurons in my brain firing. That's why learning something different each day or taking Continuing Education courses are so important. I'm lucky that our Town's Recreation Dept. offers lots of interesting courses that are not too expensive.

Thank you for your ideas.

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