My love affair with Mindmapping

by Carol

I first encountered Mind mapping many years ago, just after leaving school. I wish I had heard about it earlier though!

My first maps were drawn on A3 sheets of paper, using colored pencils and pens. I love to doodle, so they included sketches as well as words. I used to map out the events of each day in a mind map version of a personal diary. Looking back at them reminded me of the things I had accomplished, the weather, my feelings and any other items that I felt needed to be included at the time.

I have bought a number of Tony Buzan books over the years, including the first edition of his The Mindmap Book, which I have read from cover to cover many times.

Now we are in the computer era, most of my maps are done via mind mapping software. I use a Mac and have installed a number of mind mapping programs, as I find some fit an application better than others. It really depends on why I am creating the map.

If their purpose is to learn something in depth, then I love using iMindmap as it provides many creative possibilities.

If I am recording notes about something, that I will later write up as an article or web page, then I prefer ConceptDraw Mindmap or NovaMind.

In the times when I used a Windows PC, I utilized MindManager and a little utility called GiroQ which enabled me to jot down an idea into a popup box which was then automagically added to my ToDo mind map. It is a shame there is nothing similar available for the Mac.

That doesn't stop me creating mind maps though! I find them useful for planning my work day, organizing a draft web page, working out the chapters of an ebook, decision making, tracking a project, and much more. Long live the mind map!

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