Learning Style Tests

These learning style tests will help you discover how you learn best.

I have collected together here three different learning style tests that will increase your understanding of how your brain works.

Have fun learning more about yourself!

Learning Channel Preference Questionnaire (a VAK test)

Learning Style Tests

This simple little test was created by Dr. Lynn Neff (formerly O'Brien) in 1987. It consists of a 30-question survey, a scoring and evaluating page, and an implications for learning page.

To access the free test, go to:

Learning Channel Preference Questionnaire

VARK Questionnaire

Neil Fleming, a native of New Zealand and teacher for over 40 years, developed the VARK (Visual, Aural, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetic) learning preference inventory to help students who have learning difficulties identify how to use the four sensory modes to learn.

The inventory consists of 16 multiple choice questions. The results tell you which combination of learning preferences is the strongest for you and give you a link to the Study Strategies that fit your results.

To access the free test, go to:

VARK Questionnaire

Index of Learning Styles (ILS) Inventory

This more complex questionnaire was developed by Drs. Richard Felder and Barbara A. Solomon, both professors at North Carolina State University.

The inventory consists of 44 questions that assess learning preferences in four dimensions (active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, and sequential/global).

After answering the questions, you will be directed to a page that scores your results. At the end of that page, you can click on a link to Learning Styles and Strategies, where you can read about your results in greater depth.

To access the free test, go to:

Index of Learning Styles Inventory

Questions About Your Results

Now that you have completed all three tests, what did you learn about yourself as a learner? Did anything surprise you, or did you already have a hunch that your results would turn out this way?

Did any of the learning style tests contradict each other? If so, which one was most accurate?

The Next Step

Now that you understand more about the kind of learning styles you prefer, let's find out your preferred Multiple Intelligences. To get started, go to: Multiple Intelligences

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