The HeartMath Institute

The HeartMath Institute has pioneered research and development in the areas of stress, emotions, learning, and performance improvement for over 17 years.

As a result, they've discovered that:

  • Emotional stress is the prime disabler of high performance.

  • Stress reduction is key to increased health and performance, but relaxation alone is not enough.

  • The heart is immediately affected by emotional change, and in turn, profoundly affects cognitive function, i.e., mental clarity, strategic thinking, decision-making, and communication skills.

  • This heart-brain link can be managed by the individual, resulting in dramatic leaps in performance, productivity, and vitality.

The institute has developed various techniques and software tools that both children and adults can use to improve their performance and their ability to learn.


To read an interesting synthesis of their findings, go to:

The Scientific Role of the Heart in Learning and Performance

Because of the heightened levels of stress that people are feeling now, the institute has created a simple "kit" that contains numerous suggestions for how to deal successfully with stress.

To access the kit, go to:

Destress Kit for the Changing Times


The institute has developed an interesting software program that measures the level of stress you are experiencing and then teaches you how to consciously lower it.

By attaching a sensor to your fingertip or ear, you can watch on your computer screen in real time how your thoughts and emotions affect your heart and autonomic nervous system!

You can then learn how to intentionally shift your emotions to a more positive state--all while watching the results and getting feedback on the screen. As you do so, beneficial neural, hormonal and biochemical processes take place within your body that lead to a greater capacity for health, learning and performance.

These positive effects are immediate and long-lasting, too! For more information, go to: emWave

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