Brain Fitness Software

Brain fitness software is the result of our growing understanding of brain plasticity, which is spurring a revolution in brain health and science.

Armed with the realization that the adult brain can change, scientists around the world are beginning to develop brain exercise therapies to treat cognitive problems. Neuroscientist Michael Merzenich--one of the first researchers to prove the plasticity of the brain--writes that:

Ultimately, brain-plasticity based programs might help schizophrenics improve their symptoms and live more normal lives. Musicians stricken with focal dystonia might learn to play again, without pain. People with mild cognitive impairment or early-stage Alzheimer’s might halt the progression of their disease.

Cancer patients whose ability to function has been impeded by the lasting cognitive effects of chemotherapy treatment might find their old selves again. Stroke or traumatic brain injury victims may relearn skills they thought were lost forever. The list goes on.

Older brains can change, too!

Merzenich explains that one of the reasons we become more forgetful and distracted as we age is that our brain does not process our senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch) as well as it once did. This makes it difficult for us to store images of our experiences, which makes it harder for us to recall and use them later.

But scientists are proving we can change all of this if we exercise our brains correctly!

Merzenich says that the brain "actually changes physically and functionally, in ways that you can measure. Very strong positive improvements in basic faculties can be achieved at any age."

Posit Science

To make the results of this knowledge accessible to the public, Merzenich co-founded Posit Science, which develops clinically validated brain training exercises that help normally aging adults retain or regain mental sharpness.

The company currently offers two software programs that help older adults think faster, focus better, and remember more by increasing the speed at which they process information:

  • InSight™--for visual processing and memory--improves the brain’s reception of what it sees.

  • Brain Fitness Program Classic™--for auditory processing and memory--improves the brain’s reception of what it hears.

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